Loligo reynaudi Orbigny, 1845 image
TEUTHIDA - LOLIGINIDAE - East Atlantic ★amp; Mediterranean Sea

Loligo reynaudi Orbigny, 1845

Cape Hope squid
Diagnosis :
Mantle elongated, with FL 67% of ML. Teeth of arm sucker rings round, 21-30 in number. Left Arm Ⅳ of male hectocotylized with 25-35% modified distal portion. Mesial suckers of the tentacular club 3-4 times larger than marginal ones. Chitinous rings in mesial suckers entirely smooth after 78mm ML, but sometimes with 16-20 teeth and/or knobs. It differs from L. vulgaris in having smooth club ringsand 44 transverse rows of tentacular suckers (vs 36 in L. vulgaris). Angola to South Africa, shelf.
Distribution Map :
Loligo reynaudi Orbigny, 1845 map